Chiquita’s Mexican Restaurant is a family-owned and operated serving San Diego since 1967. Gaining the trust and affection of both San Diego locals and visitors, we are proud to serve the great Mexican food this side of the border!

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Since Papa Ray and Nana Chela opened the doors to Chiquita’s in 1967, alongside them were their young sons George and Gabriel, who learned firsthand Papa’s and Nana’s techniques to creating and serving delicious dishes.

Today, they carry on the tradition of providing  customers consistently tasteful food the way it was first made nearly 50 years ago.

Now — come in and give us a try! Our Carne Asada dinner is made with Certified Black Angus beef and our Shrimp Cocktail is prepared from wild shrimp.  We cut no corners when it comes to making our customers happy, and we know you’ll notice the quality.  We’ve been serving Margaritas since 1970 and even offer the traditional Mexican Margarita  — or, the “Mexican Martini,” made with Tequila, fresh lime, and an orange liquor. The conventional Margaritas are offered on the rocks, and Slurpys can be ordered as Peach, Mango, Strawberry, and Tamarindo.

Traditionally, Mexican meals are to be savored — with greater emphasis placed on relaxation and leisure, and less on being in a hurry throughout your meal. A typical Mexican Affair consist of drinks, appetizers and laughter, so come and take pleasure in Chiquita’s!

Although we have undergone various small changes throughout our 48 year existence, one thing that will never change is our commitment to quality and excellence.


Celia, George, Gabriel and Marisol Rodriguez